New Book on Corona app development forthcoming

Due to demand, I have undertaken a new project.  I have started writing a textbook for ANSCA Mobile’s Corona SDK.

This project started through the creation of tutorials, primarily for my students, but it has received a great deal of attention from around the world. The Corona tutorials are some of the most frequently visited tutorials on my site.  But it seems the tutorials have not been enough.  My students and other faculty have requested a full fledged book on the topic.  My goal is to have a final draft available for purchase by late June, 2011.  I will continue to tweak the contents over the summer, making those updates freely available to everyone who has purchased the book, with a final first edition available in mid-August.

At this point, the book is approximately 30% complete and will contain a great deal of information not contained in my tutorials.  I will continue to post updates as I progress.  If there are any specific topics you would like to see covered, please let me know!

May 2nd update:  The book is continuing to develop very nicely.  I’m now approaching 40% finished.  At this point it will have 17 chapters and 3 appendices.  It will be available as an e-book in either PDF or epub formats.

June 26th update: The book is now over 60% complete.  I’ve removed one of the appendices, so it will have 17 chapters, and 2 appendices. The 3rd appendix will have to wait until the next book: More Mobile App Development with Corona, which should be available late this year.  You can learn more about the book and pricing at

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