Learning Lua Textbook

Learning Lua:
A Guide for Getting Started
Released: August 1, 2023
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ISBN (eTextbook): 978-1-937336-10-3
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(Hardback): 979-8-859139-56-9

PDF 231 pages

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Lua scripting? Whether you’re a teacher preparing to lead a class on software utilizing Lua like Roblox, Solar2D, NeoVIM, or Defold, an aspiring game developer aiming to create captivating games for Roblox or similar platforms, a newcomer in need of a friendly and accessible reference to programming in Lua, or a student eager to learn the ins and outs of this versatile language – our eTextbook, “Learning Lua,” has you covered!

What sets “Learning Lua” apart is its gentle and approachable introduction to the Lua scripting language. We’ve deliberately minimized the use of intimidating “programmer-speak” to ensure an enjoyable learning experience for those new to programming. Dive into the beginner section, where we cover fundamental topics such as variables, string variables, mathematics and the math library, functions, decisions, and loops. With clear explanations and practical examples, you’ll grasp these concepts in no time!

For the more seasoned learners, our intermediate section delves into more complex topics, including the Input/Output Library, tables, pairs, iPairs, closure, OS Library, modules, and recursion. Gain the expertise you need to tackle real-world projects confidently.

But that’s not all; our Textbook doesn’t stop at intermediate levels. For those eager to master Lua, the advanced section awaits, exploring challenging subjects like objects, metatables, and metamethods. Embrace the power of Lua and elevate your programming prowess!

With “Learning Lua,” you’ll have access to a treasure trove of knowledge presented in a user-friendly format, backed by interactive elements, exercises, and engaging examples that reinforce your understanding. Join our community of learners today and unlock the potential of Lua scripting like never before!

Remember, whether you’re a teacher, a game developer, a newcomer, or a student, “Learning Lua” is the ultimate companion on your path to Lua proficiency. Don’t miss this opportunity – secure your copy now and unleash the possibilities that lie ahead!

Part I: Introduction and Setup
History of Lua
Installing Lua
String Variables
Mathematics and Math Library

Part II: Intermediate Lua
Input/Output Library
Pairs & iPairs
OS Library

Part III: Advanced Lua
MetaTables and MetaMethods
Advanced Resources