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Textbooks Currently available:

Learning Lua
Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Lua scripting? Whether you’re a teacher preparing to lead a class on software utilizing Lua like Roblox, Solar2D, NVM, or Defold, an aspiring game developer aiming to create captivating games for Roblox or similar platforms, a newcomer in need of a friendly and accessible reference to programming in Lua, or a student eager to learn the ins and outs of this versatile language – our eTextbook, “Learning Lua,” has you covered!

Learning Mobile App and Game Development with Solar2D
Introduces programming concepts in an incremental, pedagogically friendly method. Additional topics include:  how to build mobile and cross-platform apps and games, identify the needs and create the user interface for apps, provide opportunities for students to collaborate on projects, conduct research in the mobile industry, and provide opportunities to exercise critical thinking skills (textbook).

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Forthcoming Titles:

Creating Multiplayer Games with Unity (in development, 3rd Q, 2024)

This textbook provides a thorough exploration of Unity Game Engine multiplayer tools, offering valuable insights into creating immersive multiplayer gaming experiences. From laying the groundwork before diving into the technical aspects to deploying servers and publishing games, this resource equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop engaging multiplayer games.

Creating 2D Games with Unity 2022 (in development)

Learning Roblox Game Development (in development)

Future Promises: Learning in the Metaverse
(expected release – Q4 2024)

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Discontinued Titles:

(Discontinued) Learning Mobile Application & Game Development with Corona SDK – an eTextbook for those who are new to programming and wish to learn to make mobile applications.  Appropriate for middle school, high school and college classes where the students have limited or no programming experience.

(Discontinued) Beginning Mobile App Development with Corona SDK/Solar 2D – this eTextbook assumes some programming experience and focuses on the introduction of how to develop mobile applications.  Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.