Multiplayer 2D Games with Unity

In development! Planned release: 4th Quarter, 2022.

ISBN: 978-1-937336-21-9
Copyright: 2023
Author: Brian G. Burton, Ed.D.

Multiplayer 2D Games with Unity walks through the full process of creating an authoritative Client/Server 2D game.
Using open-source and free tools you will learn the process of communicating with a server and handling game events.

With the open-source server tool Colyseus, this textbook walks through the entire process of creating a multiplayer game for virtual reality or desktop play with the Unity Game Engine.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 0: Before We Begin
Our Goal
How We Will Reach Our Goal
A Few Resources
Chapter 1: Saying Hello
An Introduction to Multiplayer Games
What is a server or a host?
What is a client?
Types of Game Servers
Colyseus Hello World
Things you will need:
Creating a Game Environment
Adding a Player
Adding Movement to the Player
Adding a Spawn Point
Adding the Multiplayer Client
Adding the Colyseus Network Manager
Colyseus State
The Colyseus Client
Sending information to the server
Receiving Information from the server
Colyseus APIs Used

Chapter 2: Understanding Client/Server
Client/Server Architecture
Simplified Client/Server
Full-scale Client/Server
Local vs. Remote Servers
Configuring a local server
Launching your local server
Debugging in Localhost
Adding an Enemy
Colyseus APIs Used

Chapter 3: Configuring an Arena Server
Learning Objectives
First Things First
Compiling TypeScript
Managing your server
Uploading your script
Updating your client for Arena

Chapter 4: Building A Better Game
Adding the player’s name
Client Implementation of player’s name
Health and Scoring

Chapter 5: Publishing
Chapter 6: Next Steps