Mobile App Development books on Corona SDK Discount for January 2013

We all make New Year’s Resolutions (okay, most of us make New Year’s Resolutions).  I always do my best to keep mine, which is to publish several more apps and finish writing a couple textbooks (the losing a few pounds is a carry-over from last year, so it doesn’t count) .  If you have made the New Year’s Resolution to get your mobile app finished and published, I want to help you keep that resolution!

For the month of January, 2013 I have discounted Beginning Mobile App Development with Corona, Mobile App Development with Corona, and Criando Aplicações Móveis com Corona by $5.00 each.  That works out to be roughly a 15% discount (averaged between the 3 books).

To receive the discount, and in honor of Corona Geek joining with Corona Labs (if you haven’t seen the show, your missing out!)use the coupon code coronageek when checking out.

I have also extended the discount to Amazon Kindle versions, providing a $5.00 discount to part 1 of Mobile App Development with Corona.  I recently noticed that Amazon had discounted part 2 by $2.00, so take advantage of the savings!

Don’t delay!  These discount are only for the month of January, 2013!


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