Major update to Texture Packer

There has been a major update to the Texture Packer software produced by Andreas Löw.  You might recall that I have mentioned Andreas’ software previously to simplify making sprites for your mobile apps.
There are 25 new features included in Texture Packer including:

  • New layout of the left side panel allowing easier change of exporter
  • Auto update sprite sheet when re-entering TexturePacker
  • Sprite highlighting
  • Reveal in Finder / Explorer
  • Preferences to change checkerboard color and hightlight color
  • New icons
  • Hotkeys
  • Backspace / delete to remove sprites
  • Dialog to select the Flash Player plugin to use
  • Drag your sprites here – to give new users a faster start
  • Allowing free choice of texture data file name
  • Fit button for zoom
  • Folders inside a smart folder are now blue
  • Auto populate file names from other names e.g. save blah.tps also sets blah.png and blah.plist

And a few other great features including new exporters and import tools!  So if you are using sprites in your games, I highly recommend Texture Packer.

It is available for just $24.95 at


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