LevelHelper and SpriteHelper for Corona Game Development

“Wow!” was my first thought when I opened up LevelHelper.  After playing with level helper for just a few minutes, I began to get seriously excited about the next sprite based game that I would be making (LevelHelper will be a featured app in my next book on Game Development with Corona).  Combined with SpriteHelper, you can take some serious time off your development cycle!  At only $16.99, you would be silly to not use such a great resource and time saver.

SpriteHelper is the Robin to LevelHelper’s Batman.  With SpriteHelper you can quickly configure the physics and textures for your sprites to plugin to LevelHelper.  These two programs go hand in hand, and at these great prices, two hands are better than one!

Available through the Mac App store.

Vendor: Bogdan Vladu
: $16.99 LevelHelper | $11.99 SpriteHelper
: http://www.levelhelper.org  | http://www.spritehelper.org

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