Learning Lua

The Lua scripting language has been rapidly gaining in popularity over the last several years.  It is now the core of many popular tools including (but not limited to) Corona SDK, Amazon LumberyardAutodesk Stingray, and WoW.

As I have been preparing for my classes, I recognized that a series of tutorials in the Lua scripting language would be beneficial.

For experienced programmers, a great resource for learning Lua is the official guide Programming in Lua. There are also some great resources on the Lua.org

I will be using the ZeroBrane IDE for all of my Lua examples.

Lua receives extensive treatment in my Corona SDK books.  You can check them out on my website, Amazon, or Apple iTunes.

Here are the tutorials in order:

Part 1: Provides some background on Lua, introduces the ZeroBrane IDE and covers the obligatory “Hello World”

Part 2: Using print and comments with troubleshooting tips!

Part 3: Variables – Learn about the types of variables and taking full advantage in Lua

Part 4: Strings- How to work with strings variables in Lua.

Part 5: Math & Math Library – Lua has a lot of great math tool available.  A quick overview of how to use the math library.

Part 6: Functions – how to use functions in Lua


Part 7: Scope – Variable scope can be tricky! A quick introduction to scope in Lua


Part 8: String Library – just like math, strings have a great set of tools built into Lua


Part 9: If-then: Using if-then in the Lua scripting language


Part 10: Using loops in Lua


Part 11: File Input & Output: Lua has an easy to use IO system!


Part 12: Tables – an introduction to data structures in Lua


Part 13: Generic For Loops – also known as ipairs and pairs!


Part 14:  Closure – No, this has nothing to do with relationships! A closure is an anonymous function… very handy!!

Part 15: OS Library – a whole host of functions such as date, time, clock, etc.

Part 16: Modules – working with modules – libraries of code to make your app development faster and easier.

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