Icon Robot

**UPDATE:  It seems that Icon Robot is no longer available.  If anyone learns of a new location or host for this great tool, please let me know!**


I’ll admit it right now; I am a coder, not a graphics person.  So when I find a tool that saves me even a few minutes of working with graphics, I’m all for it.  Icon Robot is a free download from the Corona site made with Adobe Air that allows you to drag and drop an icon on to it, and it creates icon@2x and an icon for your iPad automatically.  Admittedly, it only takes a few minutes to do the same function with Photoshop, but this is fast, easy, and done in seconds!  Just create your 512×512 iTunes store icon image, drag and it will create all of the Apple required smaller images. Now, if they would just add the 3 resolutions for Android, we would have the perfect tool!

Vendor: Fu-design, Inc.

Cost: $ free

Website: http:// http://blog.robot99.com/2011/02/icon-robot-get-icons-for-app-in-second.html

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