Corona SDK with a little Lime

Okay, I apologize for the title, I just couldn’t resist.

So I have been busy at work on on my textbook on developing apps for the Corona SDK, and I began reviewing many of the third party add-on that are available for Corona.  One of the earliest ones I reviewed was the Lime by Graham Ransom.

Graham has created a great resource in Lime that handles the management of tile based games.
I showed Lime and Tiled (the FREE tool for making the basic tiled environment) to my student about 2 weeks before their final projects were due.  Several of my student, upon seeing what could be done with Tiled and Lime, immediately changed their projects to one that was built upon Lime and Corona.

Overall I have been very impressed with the Lime package.  It is still in beta, and has a great beta price of £20.

Lime can be purchased at:

Update:  Lime was acquired by J.A. Whye at and is now available for free!!  You can download the latest version here:

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