Mobile App Development with Corona Now on Kindle

After a great deal of demand (and insistence from my wife) and reformatting assistance from my editor/daughter, I’ve been able to make the first 12 chapters of Mobile App Development with Corona available for the Kindle device through Amazon.  Due to how Amazon structures it’s pricing, I was forced to break the book into parts. Of course, you can also purchase the full book from my site and directly support the hard-working author!

Part 1 covers chapters 1 – 6, which teaches how to get started, make your first basic app and publish to your test device. Available now for $9.99.

Part 2 covers chapters 7 – 12, which teaches about physics on mobile devices, how to make a top-down game, file input/output, SQLite, media, and using the device camera. Available now for $9.99 USD

Part 3 is forth-coming and will include chapters 13 – 17 and the Lua appendices. These chapters address using tables, widgets (which gives your app an native appearance), how to make a tower defense game, and additional resources.

If you’re not sure about whether this is the book for you, I have also made a sample available for $0.99 USD.  The sample is the first chapter plus a little bit of chapter 2, just enough to give you a good taste of my approach to teaching Mobile App Development with Corona.

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