Introduction to iPhone Programming Course

Introduction to iPhone Programming Course

This is my first effort at a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).  The material presented is a sequential listing of previous blogs for learning to program the iPhone with xCode.

Lesson 1:  Resources that you will need

In this lesson I quickly walk through what you will need to download to get started as an iPhone developer.  I also make recommendations on other books, tools, and resources.

Lesson 2: Introduction to iPhone

As you begin to think about iPhone and iPad development there are a few things to consider.  This lesson provides an overview of developing for the iPhone/iPad mobile environments.

Lesson 3: Creating your first project

Time to get started coding!  In this first project you will create the Hello World app for the iPad.

Lesson 4: Working with buttons

So, you thought the first lesson was a little too easy?  Then let’s do some coding!

Lesson 5: Working with the Slider Control

I’m sure you’ve been wanting to get into some of the controls that are a part of the iOS.  Here is the Slider.



All material is supplied free of charge and free of support.  No warranty is made for accuracy (though it was working at the time of writing).  You’re getting something for nothing, appreciate it!-)

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