Creating Android games with Unity

NOTE: This tutorial was developed using Unity3D V.3. I have not tested it with the latest version of Unity. I hope to create a new version of this tutorial in the near future taking advantage of the latest Unity 3D features.

I’ve had a lot of requests for tutorials on game creation for the Android based phones and tablets.  This will be my first (but not last!) tutorial.

I have two, 20 minute videos that take you through the process of creating a simple flight game.
If you are new to Unity and/or game development, check out my eBooks on the full Unity Pipeline!  The books are updated as new versions of Unity 3D become available. Updates are free!

You will need the Unity engine to follow along (  While the Android version of the software is expensive, you can do everything with the basic free version except publish to the actual device.

In part 1, I cover general setup and needed software to be able to publish to android devices.  I also cover the first steps in setting up a game environment including skybox, and player.

[tubepress video=1Kf2D0UdgY0]

In part 2, I cover the creation of the asteroids, bullets, prefabs, and use pre-existing scripts to add player control.  I also cover the publish to the android device.

[tubepress video=2lOCnNtI6ZQ]

I would note that while this process was specific to publishing to an Android phone, everything would work exactly the same (minus the publishing) for an iPhone or iPad.

Here are some of the assets (Scripts, Rock and background)

Note: The scripts used in the demonstration are all available from the StarTrooper example on the Unity site:

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