XCode tools – Making your programming life a little easier

Occasionally a tool comes along that makes your life so much easier, that you just want to tell everyone about it. This post is dedicated to those tools!

I just found Accessorizer, a wonderful tool by Kevin Callahan that makes writing your Xcode programs so much easier. Often after just getting all of my synthesis and properties done, my carpel tunnel was starting to act up. With Accessorizer, that work is done for you! Just type the variable declaration and its name, hit cmd-1, and you have your properties! Press cmd-2, and your synthesis and declarations (including release) are finished! Cmd-4 and you have all of your dealloc code finished. Life couldn’t get much easier!  And best of all, it’s affordable!
Accessorizer is available at http://www.kevincallahan.org/software/accessorizer.html for just $15.

Oh, and it supports Java too!  (Happy dance!)

Have you found any great tools that make the life of a programmer better?  Please share!!

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