Developing Games with Unity3D – Using Unity Remote

Recently I have co-authored several eTextbooks with my long-time friend (and partner in crime) Jeff Huff.

These textbooks teach the entire pipeline of developing a game from start to publication.  Each one covers the 3D modeling, texturing, importing, and programming for the game. Our goal is to keep them on just one topic and affordable ($9.99).

One of the biggest frustrations in creating these textbooks has been the outdated Unity Remote 3 software (produced by Unity, available through the App store).  It a gamble it this original version of Unity Remote will work when you go to test.  Sometimes it works great, sometimes not at all.

The app store version is old (2010) and hasn’t been updated.  If you do a search on the Unity forums you will find repeated mentions of an updated version based on Unity 3.5, but all the links are invalid.  After several hours of hunting (yes, I was that determined), I found a valid link for the somewhat newer version of Unity Remote.  You can find it in the archives on the Unity website at the bottom of the page:

This is for iOS only and like it’s predecessor, cannot be used with a Windows version of Unity .  You will have to compile it with xcode (which through lots of errors when I did a build, primarily due to deprecated commands). I also received a fatal error during the linking phase.

Ignoring the warning and focusing on the fatal error, the fix is easy.  In the xcode project window you will need to make two changes.

1) Change the Bundle Identifier to your bundle identifier (for me that is com.burtonsmediagroup.UnityRemote3).

2) In the Deployment Info, cfatalerrorfixhange the Deployment Target to your current iOS version (7.0 for my device, even though I HATE the new graphics – but that is a rant for another time).


After you make those changes, you should be able to build and deploy to your test device.

Should note that the new Unity Remote (3.5) worked perfectly!  I didn’t have to fix any of the warnings. Definitely made my game development life easier!


Hope that helps!

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