Corona Graphics 2.0: Composite.phoenix effect

While I have made an effort to document all of the composite, effects, and generators for Graphics 2.0 in my Corona books (see the Books tab above), there were a few that do not have a direct translation to a similar effect in Photoshop or other graphic editing tool.  Thus, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide a little bit of guidance for these effects.

In this post we will look at the composite.phoenix effect.  To clearly see what was happening, I created a simple graphic to show the impact of light, dark, and grayed areas when the texture is applied to an image.
My base image is the book cover for Learning Mobile Application & Game Development with Corona.  The texture image is a simple png file that goes from black, to dark grey, to light grey to white.






The resulting image for the phoenix effect shows that the composite reverses the image for the black portion, less so for the grey portions, while the white portion is not changed.







The code example

[codebox 1]

For more details about various composites, effects, and generators, check out Learning Mobile Application & Game Development with Corona!

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