Learning QuickBooks 2013

Last year was a pretty good year for Burtons Media Group.  Our main area of growth was in the number of authors working with us.  As dealing with royalty payments is a rather complex issue (nearly as bad as having employees), we decided to begin the migration from a spreadsheet to track all of our finances to QuickBooks (you can purchase an online version from Amazon here).  It was our hope that by making the switch, taxes (we use and have used TurboTax for years)
would be simplified.

We should point out that Dr. Burton has an undergraduate degree in business, so there is a basic understanding of accounting principles and double entry book keeping as we begin this process.

With four new textbooks in production, the switch over project was placed at a low priority.  We have decided to start the new year off with QuickBooks.  To be ready for the change-over, we have started setting up our accounts.  The following tutorial is the first step in that conversion process.
[tubepress video=”pIiRZ_NSUbU”]

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