Developing for the iPad

The Apple iPad. It has generated a great deal of buzz in the portable device world. What will be the impact of this device?
Will it transform the publishing world the same way the iPod changed the music world?
Is it just a really big iPhone or iPod Touch?

There are a lot more questions than answers for the device at this point. As someone who programs and teaches programming, I am most interested in the particulars of developing for the iPad.
I have been busy preparing lessons and recording them for my students (and you). As soon as the non-disclosure is over, I will be posting many tutorials on developing for the iPad. For now, here is a little information on the device itself:

What I find most interesting about the iPad is that is just a big iPod Touch as far as programming goes. The interface is the same and the coding is the same. There are a few routines added to the SDK to handle gestures, but largely it is the same device from a programming perspective.

– more soon!

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