Addressing the Shortage of Mobile App Developers

Forbes writer Ayo Omojola published an article today speaking to the shortage of mobile app developers and the impact it is having on businesses (you can read the full article here). 

It is well written, but did miss an important point that was addressed by a friend of mine, Richard Harris on his website AppDeveloperMagazine.  Richard points out that mobile app developers in general are not beholden to the traditional 9-to-5 mindset; they have the option of becoming independent developers and making a very comfortable living from their own home computer.

As a professor who teaches mobile app development courses, I can confirm the demand. My students are getting lucrative job offers before they have completed the first course. 100% placement for the four years I’ve been teaching the course.

Every week I receive at least one call from someone looking for a developer. Demand is so great for training that I have now written two textbooks for training future mobile app developers, travel as often as I please to provide corporate training, and have many of my own apps in the works.

It’s a great time to be an mobile app developer!

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