Word Press Tutorial: Setting up a sticky post

Setting up a sticky post (a post that stays at the top of the page) is incredibly easy… if you have the right plug-in! It is possible to create sticky posts without a plug-in, if you enjoy doing PHP coding. I happen to like coding in PHP, but my wife and daughter don’t, so here is an easy way to make your posts ‘sticky’.

1) In your Dashboard, Click on Plugins, then Add New. I’m going to recommend that you use the WP-Sticky plug-in. Type in wp-sticky and hit search.
2) WP-Sticky should be at the top of the list. Just click on the Install link on the far right side of the page.

3) You will get a window, again, click Install.

4) After the plug-in installs, click the activate link. Now our ready to make a post ‘sticky’!

5) This is the part that I really like. Edit post that you would like to make ‘sticky’ or post as an announcement. In the right column, below the category list, you will find the Sticky menu. You can select Announcement, Sticky, or Normal.
6) Clicking Announcement will place the word “Announcement” in front of the post. Selecting “Sticky” will make it look like a regular post, but it will be kept at the top of your front page.
That’s it! You can now make Sticky or Announcement posts!

Dr. B

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