Meet Hazel our Roomba!

Usually I write about game or app development on this blog, but when I first started the blog it was with the intention that it would be about all technology.  So this one is about technology that makes our life better.


Meet Hazel, our Roomba.

I purchased Hazel (yes, I am referencing a 1960’s sitcom here) last December as a Christmas gift for my wife and myself.  We have several pets in our family, so a little help with keeping up with the dirt, dust, and pollen that they would drag into the house was needed.  Overall I have been happy with Hazel’s performance. We run it every day and the device does an above average job of keeping up with the needs of our household.

We did have one problem after about 3 weeks, where the Roomba started doing “the circle of death” where it just sits and spins.  I followed the advice on the website, performed a reset of the device to no avail.  So I exchanged it for a new machine which has been functioning perfectly since (about 3 months now).

The Roomba has made a big difference in our allergies.  We live in a very dusty/high pollen area.  The daily vacuum performance of the Roomba has helped all of us breath much easier.

I am looking forward to getting a Scuba in the near future, just waiting on the company to iron-out the kinks in that technology.  I’m really hoping they come up with a Roomba that will clean in all 3-dimensions… wouldn’t it be great to have something dust and vacuum?


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