The Cloud, 3D Worlds, and beyond!

There are many exciting projects in the works here at Burtons Media Group.
We have been spending a lot of time in the cloud lately.
There are several books, apps, and games in development that are dependent on a strong backend service to handle the multi-player/multi-user aspects.  We have settled on and Coronium.GS for handling this important aspect.  You can expect to see tutorials and books on implementing cloud solutions in the very near future.
We are also working on some projects that require a 3D engine.  Originally we were leaning toward Unity 3D, but for a variety of reasons we have begun shifting toward HTML5 engines.  We are currently evaluating several tool sets.  We’ll post the direction that we settle on and of course post learning resources as we begin developing.

We continue to update our Corona and Unity eBooks and eTextbooks several times a year.  Be sure to update your copy by clicking on the Books tab above then selecting Book-Update.

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