Current Projects

Burton’s Media Group is excited to be involved in several educational projects!

We are actively developing an institute to provide education in the fields of game development and mobile application development.

Burton’s Garden of Schools is being reformatted to continue to provide educational resources to home-schooled and traditionally schooled children.

Through our publishing center we are creating textbooks, training manuals and the next generation of eTextbooks.

We are currently heavily involved in creating applications on several mobile platforms, primarily: Android, Apple, and Windows Mobile. This includes developing applications for both phones and tablets

We have completed several demonstrations for developing applications for mobile computing.  These have been posted to our blog area, as well as YouTube.

The two initial Apple iPad lectures/demonstrations are provided below:
Developing for the iPad: Introductory Lecture

Developing for the iPad: Hello World!

Demonstrations, lectures and discussion are being added on a regular basis, so please check back regularly!