Dr. Burton is available to provide on-site training in North American and in some situations, internationally.

Training is organized in Units. Each Unit is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour of educational material.  Units can be mixed and matched for an ala carte/personalized schedule. Minimum training is 5 Units (1 day).

Training will average 6 hours a day (3 Units before lunch & 2 Units after lunch with 1 hour of questions and answers at the end of the day) or other, mutually agreed upon schedule.

Each unit is $250.00 + reasonable travel/housing expenses.

All units assume an understanding of previous material and units (i.e. if Unit 11 is selected, it is assume that participants will be comfortable with the material in Units 1 through 10).

Please contact us if you would like more information.
DrBurton at

Unit Title Description
Unit Teachers 1 Teaching Mobile Application & Game Development Covers pedagogy/scope & sequence for teaching.  Designed for those new to teaching mobile app & game development
Unit Corona 1 Introduction to Corona. Setup & Hello World
Unit Corona 2 Corona Objects, variables, and Functions Introduction to the concepts of variables, objects and developing functions in Lua
Unit Corona 3 Basic Animation How to move objects on the screen
Unit Corona 4 Orientation Handling device orientation change.
Unit Corona 5 Working with user data Using text fields and text boxes for capturing user data
Unit Corona 6 Publishing to device How to publish to different types of devices.
Unit Corona 7 Handling Graphics Using vector and bitmap graphics
Unit Corona 8 Sprite Sheets Creating, using and animation of sprite sheets
Unit Corona 9 Custom Fonts Loading and using custom fonts
Unit Corona 10 Groups Working with display groups
Unit Corona 11 External Modules Using external modules and files
Unit Corona 12 Storyboard Flow/view control for your app
Unit Corona 13 Audio, Movies, & Camera Working with audio, movies and device cameras
Unit Corona 14 Physics (part 1) Using the Corona Physics engine
Unit Corona 15 Physics (part 2) Continued development with physics in Corona
Unit Corona 16 Tables & Arrays Using Tables & Arrays in Corona
Unit Corona 17 Widgets (part 1) Corona widgets
Unit Corona 18 Widgets (part 2) More Corona widgets
Unit Corona 19 Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope & Maps Using system or device specific resources such as accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope, & Maps
Unit Corona 20 File I/O & JSON Reading and writing files locally
Unit Corona 21 SQLite Databases* Using a local SQLite database (assumes familiarity with SQL & database design)
Unit Corona 22 Network Communications* Using network communications
 Unit Corona 23 Network Database Communications*  3-tier network database communications (assumes 21 & 22 or understanding of 3-tier development)
 Unit Corona 24  Corona Cloud*  Cloud computing made easy with Corona
 Unit Corona 25  Analytics*  Implementing analytics in your app
 Unit Corona 26  Custom*  Customized content or help with organizations project (2 block minimum)

* – Signifies advanced topic, previous knowledge, or training required.

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